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Im making a first game type project and i just need 2 character sprites and some projectiles that the characters shoot. The characters need melee animations as well.

The game is essentially a megaman vs protoman style game with 2 players fighting each other. The premise is simple and the graphics are going to be snes style. 

This is a low end personal project and is probably going to end up as a cheap or free game. 

Will pay for sprites as they are completed. Depending on the pricing and quality of the first sprite the project may be cut short or extended depending on my mood. This is a personal project being funded with my own money. If we work well together and this game happens to be good and make money we may work together again.

Link or note me your portfolio if your interested. We will discuss payment and pricing via email or chat. 


A few people have asked questions and ill elaborate on the artistic direction. The game is rather simple, i have backgrounds already but i need custom sprites to fit the combat i want to implement. The game is sci-fi but i was debating on making it fantasy based in order to be able to reuse the sprites in a future project. If I go the sci-fi route it will be in the spirit of megaman 7 but if i go fantasy i will need to discuss that with the artist.

The sprites will include these animations
3 hit melee combo
charge shot
wall jump
running / the movement is a yes or no type deal so there is no need for a walking sprite.
entrance / this might be landing on his feet or teleporting in depending on the art style we take.
victory pose
Health sprites / this is not a health bar. The sprites are going to have a visual heal system that both players will be able to keep track of. I was thinking simple floating tacks that disappear as the player is damaged.

A note to applicants. If you dont have any sprite work in your portfolio that indicates your skill in making a game sprites you will not be considered. 
Im currently learning how to use the unreal engine to make video games and im looking for artists and possibly other people that want to learn how to use unreal engine and make a beginners video game.

The project mainly entails however many people that are interested getting in a group and deciding the theme of the game based on a game play formula created by me. The idea of this project is for me to learn how to program a game and work with artists that want their input in the game as well. Any artists that join this minor endeavor will get input on the themes of the game and depending on the situation the gameplay. whether or not its a crap game doesn't even matter so long as its not crap because of bad programming or bad art. Bad game-play decisions will no doubt go into this game and will be used for learning later on in the next project, whether its with me or some other group that you decide you rather join.

Goals of this project:

Create a 2d game with at least one level and fun gameplay.

Gameplay as of right now is going to be a player vs a horde. This includes a basic menu, a few bad guys, a hero and some animations for all of them to make them seem alive.

There is no set theme. Only set gameplay. There is no real time limit and if you decide you rather just drop the project then that's OK. Just don't get involved thinking that there is going to be a game thrown out in a week when this likely will be a year long project without much outcome other than pride and a possible appreciation for video game development.

My personal goal is mainly to get inspiration and experience to make a game i truly want to see made. However this project is only a learning step for me to make it to this goal.

TL;DR: I have barely any idea what im doing as a game designer and i want an artist to make some sprites and help make a beginners game for learning purposes. No money involved, no real plan to sell the game unless it happens to be really good (im going to try and make it really good)

If this actually gains momentum ill release more details about whats actually on the to do list and get the ball rolling.
I want to develop a 2d game using robots and well animated graphics however the more i think about it the more i realize there is a problem.

the problem with my design vs the 2d artistic need is the fact that the robots can be customized. im asking the artists here if its reasonably possible to make an arm animation that would allow for a 2 handed weapon while being ascetically pleasing with a chest part that would not likely be designed with the particular arm part in mind?
So ive finally started using  Zbrush. Its real easy to use but getting used to the tools are tricky for me still. What Ive made so far is in my opinion the equivalent of swiss cheese in a humanoid form.
Still I am confident that I will get better at this day by day with practice and inspiration that I get from all the other great artists here.
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